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Fully insured car locksmith. Want a key or fob programmed? Need to have a car key cut? We will come to where you are to cut a car key & program the key fob, on the spot in Tallahassee. Transponder key cutting, fob programming & replacement is available in Tallahassee now. Save money when you need a car locksmith.

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Car Locksmith

Car key cutting & key fob programming is now more affordable in Tallahassee. Lost your car key or a key fob, need a spare car key made? Get the exact price to replace, cut & program your new key or fob. Call our car locksmith now!

Call now. Just share the address where your vehicle is as well as the year, make and model and you will be told the exact price to program a key or key fob. Be ready to disclose if you have already purchased a key or fob or if you need us to supply it.

2. Key replacement

Answer a few questions to be told the exact price that you will need to pay to cut and program a a new key or key fob. No extra service fees or extra labor costs. The price you are told to program your key or key fob is due after the programming is complete.

3. Get a car locksmith

Once you are told the price to pay to have key or key fob programmed, a car locksmith will be sent to your location. to perform the requested work After your key or key fob is programmed a card for $10 off will be sent to you.

Car Locksmith

Check prices of other locksmiths that cut & program keys and key fobs in Tallahassee and see that Super Smiths LLC offers some of the lowest prices to program keys and key fobs.

Super Smiths LLC can match any locksmiths pricing here in Tallahassee FL to cut & program a key or key fob. Call now to have a technitian to your address and ready to complete the work required.


Car Locksmith

Key Cutting

Did you purchase a new car key and need it to be cut & programmed to your vehicle? Call now.

Lost or Broken Key Fob?

Call now to get a new key fob programmed to your vehicle or if you have lost your key fob.

Cash or Credit Prices

Pay key and key fob programming with cash to get the lowest prices in Tallahassee.

Payment Methods

You can pay for your key or key fob programming with a card, cash, cash app, apple pay or zelle.

Car Key and Fob Replacement

Super Smiths LLC offers a low car locksmith prices to cut car keys & program key fobs. Key and key fob programming prices from other companies in Tallahassee can be as high as $400 to program to your vehicle. Call Super Smiths LLC first & save some money programming & cutting a key or key fob.



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