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Make Unlocking Your Door Handle, Deadbolt, Car or Truck Simple, More Affordable & Fast. We Are Here to Unlock Your Vehicle in Tallahassee. Flat Rate to Unlock A Deadbolt, Door Handle, Car or Truck Door. Nearby, Unlock Your Door Fast For Less. Save Money.

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Your car and your keys do not work so well without each other.

Helping people that are locked out of their car or truck is what we do. Locked your keys in your car? No problem, call us now. We can unlock your vehicle fast.

Call us right away. Let us know the address where your vehicle is parked. Be ready to let us know the make, model and color of your vehicle. This information will help let you know what your price will be to unlock your car or truck.

2. Get the exact price

Just answer a few questions and you will be told the exact price that you pay. There are NO service fees, NO hidden labor costs, NO surprises. The price we tell you is the exact price that you pay after we unlock your vehicle in Tallahassee.

3. Get your car unlocked

Once we tell you the price that you would need to pay to have your car unlocked, we can have a tech to your location in as fast as 10 minutes / up to 20 minutes. We send a link to your cell phone so you can watch the techs vehicle head to you.

Customers Trust Us To Save Them Money

Do not just take our word for it. Call other businesses that unlock vehicles in Tallahassee and see that we offer the lowest prices to unlock a car in Tallahassee FL. Remember, after we unlock your car once it is only $20 any time after, even if it is a friend or a family member.

We will match any competitors pricing here in Tallahassee FL to unlock a car or truck. Call us now and we can have a car unlock tech to your address within only 10-20 minutes.


Car Unlocking Tallahassee

We offer car unlocking for only $20 after you use our car unlock service just once.

Is a child or pet locked in a vehicle? Call us and we can unlock your vehicle for 50% off.

Pay with cash and get the lowest price to unlock your car or truck in Tallahassee.

Paying with a credit card is simple. We accept all major credit cards with a $3 processing fee.


Simply put: this business can save you money to unlock a vehicle. We have seen prices as high as over $100 in Tallahassee to unlock a car. Do yourself a favor, call here first if you want to save some money to unlock a car or truck.

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