SCUBA DIVING LOCK PICKING! Picking Euro Cylinder Lock Underwater! KIXPICKS! #DeepBluePickers


It was a fantastic experience mixing two of my favorite hobbies, scuba diving, and lock picking. I was diving in Dahab, Egypt amazing place, at a depth of 18 meters when I started picking the lock, the feedback was surprisingly good underwater and picking was very smooth, I used a Wentd lockmaster short hock on a 6 pin euro cylinder. This amazing idea was created by the DeepBluePickers club!
In this lovely diving experience, we encountered some beautiful sea creatures like Octopus, Lionfish, MorayEel, Blue-spotted Stingray, Striped Eel Catfish, SeaHours, Pufferfish, and more.

DeepBluePickers :

Only pick locks that are yours and that are not in use! Keep lock sport legal! 😉

The New Phoenix lock picks are available now!
For pick purchase and contact Instagram: Kixpickss



  1. If I was younger, wasn’t so physically messed up, I’d have my friend take me down. Very cool guys! Very cool! Although as an ex commercial fisherman I’d be hesitant! I’ve seen what comes up from under the big blue😳😂🤷🏼😜thanks for sharing. And before I forget. What part of the world ya diving in? Some tropical fish so I’d imagine somewhere nice! Again very cool video!


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