Pay Attention To Distance When Dealing With Unknown Contacts


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  1. It's amazing to me these days that so many women are the aggressor in a physical confrontation with a man.  
    In this case there's the guy hanging out of the car, the driver was a guy and there could've 2 guys in the back. Was a stab wound and a trip to the hospital worth it?
    Ladies, you're watching too many Angelina Jolie action movies or whatever but somewhere you're getting the wrong message.
    Odds are going against you physically, and socially guys are no longer just going to sit and get hit. Remember, equal rights…and equal lefts.
    Regarding the bystander effect today's legal system and courts really discourage getting involved, tragic but everything is tipped in the bad guy's favor.

  2. Not gonna lie I'm honestly surprised she survived that.. Wrong of the woman to do that, but as a MAN you don't just pull a knife let alone any goddamn weapon on ANY woman unless she's coming at you with a weapon, or is literally fighting you like a damn man, just wow man holy shit

  3. My first guess that this was FL + alcohol. Might not have been FL, but I’m still confident there were IQ diminishing substances involved. At least I have medical training as a bystander!

  4. She is very lucky because by the look of it, he stabbed her near the liver. It’s really NOT worth it. I truly wonder if people value themselves and their lives. If so, please act like it.

  5. Suddenly with the knife hanging out of her belly, whatever she was upsetting her ceased to matter. Too bad she didn't feel that way before she got close enough to get stabbed from inside a car window.


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