Lagard LG Basic II Digital Electronic Lock Instructions


Here is an overview of the Lagard Basic II Digital Electronic Lock and instructions on how to change your combination.



  1. Good video. I can't tell what type of lock is on my safe. It is an older Sentry Model, and has a lock that looks like yours, but styled differently. The logo on it is an oval shape that has a stylized Lg or Lc on it. I remember that the lock is called a Type II and it does have a 6-digit code. Is that likely a Le Gard lock that I can reset the code using your instructions? I left it on the factory code since it was new, but now I am starting to occasionally forget the code, and it takes a while to come back to my brain. I need to change it to something I can remember easily.

  2. I cannot get in my cannon safe with this LG lock on it. went on vacation for 2 weeks and when I got home it will not open. I have tried using 3 new battery's but it beeps 3 times. I think that means it not accepting my code ! Is that correct ? ANY IDEAS ?


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