Jiggler key vs Reverse Picking wafer locks (311)


Todays video we look at Jiggler key vs Reverse Picking wafer locks. I also showed normal picking with the use of a pick and tensioner. But out of all 3 methods the reverse picking is much more quieter and I have got consistent results with it.

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  1. Thanks for the explaination of this effective method….. why wouldn't you just mod the back end of one of your serviceble picks like say the ball or snowman picks, it doesnt look like it would effect the picks main funtion/purpose and you end up with a double ended pick? I immediately thought a office stationary metal two post file binder clamp as a suitable improvised tool (used them for decoding combo locks before, might be a bit flexible but should do the job in a pinch), cheers mate

  2. This was a great video, thanks for making it. I wish the camera had focused better and you’d lingered a bit more when you held up your ground-down one against the Sparrows not-ground one, just to get a better sense of the shape. Did you use a bench grinder to grind it down?

  3. That's a nifty tool you made. I knew about reverse picking but didn't know you could do it for wafer locks. That's a heaps easier method to get into them. Thanks for this video, cheers

  4. A super bit of reverse wafer picking there DALP, and thanks for sharing this with us all bro 😃👏 Great information as always, and something different of a technique to opening such locks, for others to have a go at, if that have never tried this before 😁👍 Great opens and video as always bro, and until next time, have an awesome rest of your week, and stay safe and well too – thanks! 😎👏👏👏

  5. Nice video. A cup of coffee, some wafer locks, jigglers. Fun times. Those jigglers sure are handy. But the reverse pick, picking now that is handy. I'm going to write this one down. Take care DALP.

  6. Anyone try reverse picking a car lock? I've seen lots of other wafer locks done this way but never on a vehicle.

    @DALP. What are those radios on your bench if you don't mind me asking. Radio is another hobby of mine.


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