Failed Robbery Attempt From Philadelphia


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  1. Guess they didn’t get a door prize Or entered the raffle and the fat guy looked like one of those old black and white comedy keystone cops flick as he ran wondering why just happened 😂

  2. sometimes it takes a while for me, especially for me to grab on to fine fashion…That pants-on-the-ground is really grabbin' me…I'm in my 60's, how do you think that look would draw the chicks to me?

  3. Convenience stores should have armor plates lining the entrance of the establishment. That way bullets don’t go sailing through walls and into the streets. I’m joking! In all seriousness I’m glad no one got hurt even at shake hand distances.

  4. You can usually make out the facial features of a White villain wearing a hoodie in winter, but a video only poorly allows distinguishing the facial features of a Black villain. It would help if there were a single photo under bright flash of the faces of these villains, which would enable recognition by acquaintances.

  5. How could anyone miss getting at least one shot into each of them. This is pathetic. Those guys can easily change clothes, come back and nail the owner. This video is a disaster and not even worth uploading because of everyone's incompetence.


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