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Crazy Fight In Argentina Teaches Us About The Five D’s Plus One


Please thank MantisX for bringing us today’s video of Crazy Fight In Argentina Teaches Us About The Five D’s Plus One! Check them out at or their FB page at I seriously DO use the system in my own dry fire training and with students on the range and you can get one at Want to see me use it?

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  1. Its super dangerous there right now.. I wish we could load up all the thugs and gang bangers here in the state's and drop them off there and see how long they last..not dont play in that country..

  2. I lost all care about the victims as soon as I heard they were leftist "ex-Pats"
    They got every bit of what they deserved in the country they deemed "better" than the Western one they left.

  3. My well being < robbers wants.
    Sometimes I just go work out specifically on knowing this. Good knowledge can be a complete game change overhaul. Love your breakdowns and strong points on what is happening during these occurences. Still sad things like this happen… *sending prayers to those hurting and tormented souls.

  4. The son is dumb he is afraid to throw punches at the guy holding the gun but he still decides to chase him , just because of him his dad died, dad was already running but stupid son wants to play tag

  5. This is why it's always important to have a knife on you. The Defenders had opportunities to stab and disable the assailants. If you don't have a knife on you you can't do it can you 😒

  6. Son got his father killed. No way they were carrying anything worth getting killed over. The son was lucky to not get shot at the back of the van. Should never engaged the gun-wielding thief. t=:058 At the front of the van he can see that his father is safe, so should have joined him in running away. Presumably his mother that runs into the melee and grabs the father's bag.

  7. Love the reference to Jesus at the end because in the end that's who we face. Sad the father was killed and in life from one moment to the next, things can turn so quickly and before you know it….life changes.

  8. Comment below about using this kind of scum for human experiments is perfect. These "people" cant really be considered "human" anyway. Prisons cost money to maintain. Might aswell recoup some of that. Instead of paying people for drug trials, we should force these kinds of "people" to test all of our drugs and medicine for safety. Live cadavers for doctors to practice would be good too. Got a prisoner with a heart condition? Let the med school students try to fix him.

  9. RUN away FAST as you can in ZIG ZAGS is a good choice if you can't fight them off but dont submit. The Dad should have used the guy in blue as a body shield since he just saw his son get shot. Also a knive would have help out alot in disarm9 the attacker since all this is close quarter contact anyway.

  10. Woah had no idea this was a Christian channel! I came just looking to learn how to protect my self and family better. Awesome work you guys do get right with Jesus your last moment could come at any time!


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