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A look at all our equipment (468)

A little look at our equipment we use and have. I use these devices for training and physical pen-testing. And have acquired these over time and everything has it's place and use. Please...

Lock Picking Tutorial – Chapter 3 – Advanced Pin Tumbler Locks

Tutorial Video showing how to deal with security pins and other advanced protection mechanisms in Pin Tumbler locks. source

3 Favorite Lock Picking Tools

It's not like picking your favorite child, lock picks don't have ears. I definitely have favorite tools for Tactical Lock Picking and I definitely have tools that are worthless lol. Below is...

Lock Picking Training Vice

This is a quick look at the Lock Picking Training Vice that is commonly used for tanning on automotive locks. Its east to set-up and work well holding car locks that are...

SCUM – Lock-Picking 101

first you need a screwdriver, and lockpick/s. these can be found or made from safety pins you find. then you will get the message at door 'pick lock' instead of 'locked' when...

Lock Picking Tools for Your Bug Out Bag for SHTF Prepper

Link to bottle - Thoughts on whether you should carry and learn lock picking tools to carry in your bug out bag. To Help Support the Channel - PayPay - Mailing Address - Joe...

Weiser SmartKey Deadbolt – Lock picking, bumping and force attack challenge

Weiser challenged some of the nation’s top professional locksmiths to pick, bump, and force attack Weiser deadbolts with advanced SmartKey security. Here are the results. source

BANHAM DIMPLE – Cross-Section Lock Picking VIDEO.

The Banham Dimple lock is one of the most unique and tricky locks out there. With opposing pin stacks rather than the usual split pin system, the Banham M2002 is an incredible...
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