August Smart Lock: Why so many lock failures? #Short


August Smart Lock: Why so many lock failures? #Short

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The August Smart Lock is installed on the inside of the door and it on the outside is the existing deadbolt. Most of the time these deadbolts are just garbage deadbolts to start with that are going to fail. Another problem is the homeowner installing the lock on the inside it of cheap inexpensive deadbolts.  This combination of deadbolt and owner installed August Smartlock is doomed for failure.

This is why we’re running across a lot of these August Lockouts lately and some of it, is in my opinion, is poor design of the lock.  The new August SmartLock owners are installing it onto crappy locks on the outside. I have had no luck at all installing these and I have  not happy with them at all. I advise my clients not to install the August Lock. In this example I have an August lock and it has August lock on the inside and you can see it’s a smart key lock on the outside, it’s a Weiser or Kwikset Smart Key Lock. Both of these now first of all I’m I am not not a fan of the Weiser or Kwikset set smart key locks they have a huge amount of failures.

August Smart Lock Problems

However, in this case it’s not the lock, the key is turn learning but it’s not retracting the deadbolt. What normally happens is and what happened in this case, is the August lock has failed on the inside. The August Smartlock has jammed. Furthermore, the batteries are dead and the owner can not use their app to unlock it from their internet or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

They can’t open it with the key because the failed deadbolts at the same time in this case the deadbolt is okay it’s functioning but and you’ll see this when I get it open the bolt retracts no problem what I have to do here is I have to drill the mounting screws that hold it on the door so there’s the two mounting screws now I just I pre-drilled that was hard to video this and drill at the same time so it’s pretty easy to find where the mounting screws. I just drilled out the mounting screws and it drills up pretty easy good quality drill bits you know I just use HSS steel.

I have drilled off the lock on the outside the August Smart Lock mechanism on the inside just falls down and then it’s quite simple. All I have to do is take my screwdriver and open the door so it’s not the problem of the lock in this case or the bolt.

In conclusion, the August lock has totally failed it’s jammed up the tailpiece on the deadbolt. I had to drill it get it off and so what I do then in this case we just threw on it because the house is for sale I just installed a Schlage deadbolt.  I like the Schlage Deadbolt because the price is good and extremely reliable. Also, a commercial grade deadbolt. Note: I prefer and recommend the Schlage Electronic Deadbolts. For further info to to Keyless Locks Langley.

Time Codes August Smart Lock: Why so many lock failures? | Mr. Locksmithâ„¢
0:00 – August Smart Lock
0:15 – Problems, Home Owner installed
0:20 – Paired with poor quality deadbolts
0:40 – Customer Locked Out
1:00 – Deadbolt Keys Turns but not opening
1:10 – Failed August Lock
1:20 – Failed App
1:40 – Drill Mounting Screws
2:14 – Open Bolt with Screwdriver
2:45 – Mr. Locksmith

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Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith with 35+ years of Locksmith Experience and has a BA (Honors) in Criminology.

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  1. Apparently "Schlage" is pronounced: "allegion" (a-legion). Calling their support numbers that's all you get 😂. I guess the name doesn't matter, just the brand recognition and quality of products. 😅

  2. I simply don't fit or recommend ANY electric smart locks at all, they are ALL more prone to failure than good old mechanical locks, and I have been called out to many failed electric/smart locks, and nearly every time I have had to gain entry through another door or window, then open the door with the smart lock from the inside.

  3. all my issues many as you described were due to the fact i replaced the 2 batteries i seen, there is actually 4 batteries they are double stacked and you need to bend down to see all of them lmao.


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