Attacker Fails At Carjacking Off-Duty NYPD Officer


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  1. Okay how the fuck do you fit a gun in your butt? Was he just keeping the barrel in there, or just the handle? It can't be the whole thing is in there and he's still running around

  2. That brave off duty cop saved lives, because if he would’ve just driven away, that psycho would’ve gone after someone else who probably couldn’t defend themselves so well.

  3. Why should only oath violators get to carry in N.Y.? NYPD should be forced to leave their firearms at the police station. They shouldn't get to carry off duty when they spend the day keeping the population disarmed. Its disgusting how you either have to a celebrity, wealthy, or politically connected for the police to issue a ccw.

  4. All these republican idiots in the comments talking shit about NYC and regular people not being allowed to carry. It would be a really bad idea if everyone was allowed to carry. It’s a highly populated city and people start arguments for the tiniest reason. People will be shooting each other all the time for the dumbest and smallest reasons. Please republicans, I know it’s hard for you but use your brain.

  5. I wonder if this criminals make a change in their life, after having a second chance at life. Meaning after surviving a shooting, not the time in prison. Because prison doesn’t help all to make a change.

  6. The criminal literally was caught last year caught driving drunk over 100 mph and from what i read he ended up getting charged with vehicular manslaughter. Why are these criminals ON THE STREETS!

  7. Textbook survival. Give me that man a medal. It's a shame that NY and the fed would rather let this continue than have their American nationals in new york effectively defend themselves from all who shall try to harm. I can't believe how incredibly ridiculous gun laws are in a state like NY. This does not happen where I'm at.

  8. Good shoot! Watch again, the perp came from the black getaway car that pulled to the right and waited. They didn't expect any resistance. He only fired to scare the driver. Then the victim ran, turned, opened fire. Great that he was a streetwise cop!, and a smart female cop encountered him first!. I don't travel to NYC – State anymore because 2nd Amendment ASP exists only for active and retired law enforcement. I once lived in Brooklyn, got rear bumped twice by a car with 4 males @1130pm while driving home from work. They wanted me to get out look at the damage so they could rob and jack me. I didn't take the bait, because I knew the game..and because I was packing heat without a permit which would have gotten me a free room at Rikers had i survived the likely gun battle.
    Now I only go where I can legally carry.

  9. All of you cop loving people kill me. Don't get me wrong I respect the police especially with the situations they are put in, but stop making it out to seem like every cop is good, and corruption doesn't exist. The bs could slap u across the face and y'all will still deny


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