[890] Crazy Key! “An Tun” Rim Cylinder Picked




  1. I love your videos so much, but I would love them even more if you had a panel setup to emulate the scene needed to pick when its placed in a door and not in a vice which gives you many degrees more freedom to complete your task without hiccups which ultimately make a picking attempt successful or not

  2. I almost thought the pins were going to serve as some magnetic purpose or be weighted in some manner, such as how coins flow down a validator mechanism. I'm sure you must have seen such locks that use both pins and some other form of magnetic/weighed concept before. Picking them would involve varying magnetism I guess to activate those specific internal pins. Only another measure for experts. love your vids.

  3. without prior knowledge of the shape of the key, it would also be a bit of a deterrent for the picker to find out how many banks are in this, wouldn't it? Anything short of a high tech camera.

  4. how would you pick on where the assembly turned to reveal and multi pin system. with a staged pressure control system where pressure must be removed for the assembly to work. you wouldn't it is unpickable.

  5. Beads/spools are more technological to produce. Those can be produced using lathe automata in big quantities, and then combined for specific key, picking needed ones from a pile. IMHO, milling same pattern on a key itself is much harder, taking into account internal edges/corners. Also all this makes harder to copy the key, that's also a security feature of some sort.

  6. You should have continued to turn the cylinder after you picked it to see if it would stay picked… When I was staying at the AirBnB in Taipei that had that type of lock, I seem to remember that it took multiple turns of the key to open the door.

  7. I just wonder if knowing how a key looks like helps in picking the lock or it’s pretty much the same. Because chances are a burglar won’t see the keys to the lock he’s picking.

  8. I looked at that key and thought the beads could be turned like a combination wheel, and that you would have to enter a combination on the key with the beads before inserting the key to align the pins in the right position. That would be MUCH cooler imo. Like its doubly locked, both combination and key, but the key only fits the lock when the beads are in the right combination. The more i think about it the more i love the idea honestly

  9. I'm guessing the beads are so you can use the key "upside-down" without problems, since the side bank pins are not symmetrical (one is at 9, other at 4). The edges are cut on both sides to facilitate this, too.


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