[706] The Naughty Bucket Chronicles — Squire Stronghold SS65CS Picked (R1 Keyway)




  1. What if you made a lock, with a smooth cylinder, save the tension slot, the then put a few magnets on the key that repulsed and attracted the pins accordingly..? That seems like it would be pretty difficult to pick…

  2. I was curious about just how expensive this particular lock was, and it's currently listing for just under $178 USD.
    I guess it's true that this level of protecion comes at a cost.
    I noticed that it's also made in Great Britain, so that probably contributed a bit to the cost.
    Either way, it looks like a lock that will defeat most attempts that aren't noisy enough to wake the neighbors, at least for nearly all thieves!

  3. I don’t understand why, in computer RPG games, when the player uses lock picks to pick a lock, the pick breaks and you have to get more picks. I guess it’s a game mechanic to keep you from just going around and picking every lock you see?


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