[626] A Pick Proof Master Lock? ALMOST!


The Master Lock No. 18 Picked and Gutted.



  1. Who needs a chisel to remove those rivets in the wild? A battery powered die grinder would do the trick.I'd imagine it might be faster to zip those rivets off than to cut the shackle.

  2. These longer LPL videos remind me of Forgotten Weapons videos, the ones where Ian will point to some tiny metal nub and be like "see what this is doing there? That's what causes this to do this" and me just sitting there completely lost.

  3. Ahh you said you were going full nerd but id love to hear about GM locks. I was able to rake the ignition cylinder on my 89' Caprice with a small collection of 5 or 6 old chevy keys. I felt like some kind of secret agent or something lol Seems like automotive locks are really solid and difficult. However, being a mechanic has taught me how to basically disassemble the mechanism and turn things manually. Ive had almost no luck picking ignition cylinders.

  4. So, what can the owner of this lock do to fortify it? Will adding shims do it? Would you make a video using this same lock but this time adding features that will make it more pick resistant?

  5. 1:44 the main reason why i watch and love your videos is because i love locks and the world of companies and thieves, im hoping once i get further into highschool i can even learn locksmithing to explore that "world"

  6. 3:02 – So, all you need is a battery operated cutting wheel and you can grind off the rivets? Then again, if that were the concern, you would just take the battery operated cutting wheel and just cut off the lock. So, physical destruction of the lock is not really the point here, I guess. At this point, the purpose of the lock is to make it difficult to breech it without it being obvious that it has been compromised.

  7. quick question: My school has I think this lock on their fridges that I pick whenever me & the boiz need some food, so im just wondering if this is always the interior of this shape locks or they vary based on model? (long shackle )

  8. The only reason I know a couple of the things he talks about is, because I tried to replace my 2006 honda civic ignition by removing damaged pins. Long story short, I had to pay almost $800.00 to have my ignition replaced. When I went screwing around with it, Honda has an anti theft system where if you try to pick or fumble with the ignition it permanently shuts the whole car's computer down. Then Honda has to come out and reprogram the ignition.


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