[330] 40mmAL Series: Abus 72/40 (Euro Spec) Picked and Gutted




  1. I‘m wondering which versions of the 72/40 can be bypassed and which not?
    Spooxe the German shop for Sparrows tools mentions that the bypass driver doesn’t work for the 72/40 WJ series.

  2. I have 2 of these locks, they look like the German one (key-way). One is marked UJ at the bottom and is by-passable as this one. The other is marked XG and is key retaining, so the mechanism works completely different. The inside part (the one that connects to the cylinder plug) is not spring loaded but is a half-moon shape, instead of the quarter shape. so the mechanism cant be turned without turning the plug and therefor makes it non by-passable and key retaining. I bought both on the same shelf in a local hardware store, no difference in packaging, no way to tell.

  3. way awesome!!! yeah, i knew it wouldn't score much more, but the new one you were sent (the HX series it looks like, as per the code below the keyway), is the one i have, and has only an advantage of the better keyway. also, i was studying mine to see if it could be bypassed, thanks for showing that it can!

  4. Nice ongoing detailed series on these "anodizers". Sad to see Master Lock scoring lowest, but not at all surprising. What a tremendous opportunity ML has at present time when they could truly "Make Master Lock Great Again". I don't know, though. Was ML really ever great?

  5. So it finally came! Good. ABUS is almost always the same – first standard and rest spools with all-standard key pins. I have much more problems with all-standard pins as with ABUS security pins since they give so much feedback. Non spring-loaded abus locks are a bit harder and I'm not a good picker by any means. The US version looks like "love padlock" here in Germany (not sure about keyway but rest is the same).

  6. I have a few of the WW style keyway 72/40's They are the most restrictive keyways I've ever seen from Abus. No way you could use a 25 thousandths to pick it. most 72/40 I have (over a dozen) have serrated key pins. all but two or three of them have the single piece core without the adaptor as well. I guess we get different stuff in Canada.

    If you're interested you can search my channel for Abus WW and see me pick one open.
    I know you've done the 72/40 to death on this 40mm series, but if you want one let me know.

  7. Very interesting to see the difference in manufacturing between different regions for the same exact model. I'm surprised that it was bypassable, since germans are usually very 'precise' in production and don't leave room to such errors in general.. 🙂

  8. Nice pick as always Sir. You know, the first Abus I got my hands on had an antibypass wafer. As my collection grew I didn't even think to try those as well. Guess I have a project now. Don't I feel silly. Thanks!


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