[30] Closeup On How Lock Picking Works


Basic Principles On How To Pick Locks
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This video goes over the basic principles on how to pick locks with the visual aide of a clear acrylic padlock.

You will be able to visualize the positions of the driver pins with the correct key, and examples of single pin picking, zipping, rocking, and raking.

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  1. I love how you explain everything in detail for us. I watched others but you did the best job for us showing us how it works. Thank you I am subscribed. I love to learn everything picking, forging but I never break the law just learning.

  2. Good video, but I'm confused about why you never needed to set pins 3, 4 & 5. Does this mean they were aligned with the shear line by default and therefore contributed nothing to the lock's security? Thanks.

  3. Stumbled upon this video while trying to figure out how my ZIEH-FIX® Elektro – Pick III works, then i tried some of the manual utensils in the kit and realized it was way easier manually……. jesus I feel stupid, blew so much money and all I needed was 2 pieces of metal


    great video, I finally understand the basics of lock picking!!! and it actually worked and opened my door!!

  4. Fascinating. I have a decent lock pick set, but never knew what all the different shapes did or used for.
    Would you make a video showing those and how to work them? The couple you showed helped me expotentially. How about a whole video and how each shape of pick is used? Thanks

  5. My idea is a compressed air canister releasing all the air into the lock within a second, and turn. Guaranteed all pins up and always success. I bet it works. Why? Because im ine clever dude.

  6. I'm not sure what its called exactly. An Overset? But it would be awesome to see you explain why it happens, and how to tell if it has happened. What I mean is when you push a pin past shear line and it gets stuck, wont fall down. I'd assume you'd just have to try feel if its sponging on the spring or not?

  7. Those things are so way super easy to pick tho. I know they are designed to be. But even the master lock #3 which is supposed to be the easiest is 10 times harder than that. You can rake the plastic lock with anything and it will open


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