12 AMAZING Lock Picking Hacks You MUST Try


You have to try all these amazing and highly useful lock picking hacks! Did you know all of them? Did I miss your favourite? Let me know in the comments! 😃😃😃 Please share this video, like and subscribe if you want to see more videos like this one 👍🔐

Remember: only pick locks that are yours and that are not in use! Keep locksport legal!

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  1. You have to try all these amazing and highly useful lock picking hacks! Did you know all of them? Did I miss your favourite? Let me know in the comments! 😃😃😃 Please share this video, like and subscribe if you want to see more videos like this one 👍🔐

  2. Another hack: precision knife handles can be used with credit card picks (especially those from A.Wendt but to a lesser extend also the cheap James Bond set) or self-made picks made from wiper inserts, to make handling them much easier.

  3. Is this a hack?

    I noticed that all lock pickers' fingernails look like they've been bitng their nails.

    Is this an attempt at suppression of anxiety or does this help with picking? Maybe I'm just reading something else incorrectly.

  4. You didn't mention my go-to favorite I made so many lockpicks out of Hacksaw blades it wasn't funny for like 30 years I never bought one pick and just cut up ground down hacksaw blades wrapped electrical tape around a hacksaw blade you know what the part that wasn't ground where I held it in my hand so I didn't cut myself while picking a lock let me tell you they worked fine
    I worked in Industry as a maintenance mechanic had plenty of Hacksaw blades also I used Allen wrenches and ground those down to use as a tensioning tool
    Made half diamonds as my go to pick
    Copyed the pattern I saw in a lock-picking book
    And made sets for my Pals at work too they were appreciative
    They were free to me as well too just go to the guy at the tool crib and say I need some more

  5. Un-mentioned Hack as you requested. Scrap bicycles wheel spokes for bypass wires, mortice wires etc. etc. , endless braided cable (letterbox tools etc.) and loads of "bits & bobs" – random Aluminium and Brass pieces – depends on the bike ! (Ps Love your channel and appreciate all i've learnt – Thanks)

  6. I made lock picks from hacksaw blades. I have some in .022” and .018”. I’m sure they have thickness in between. They use high carbon steel and they are very cheap. 1 blade can make 2 picks. Add some heat shrink tubing for handle and we are good to go.

  7. Now that's good stuff. I can't wait to try some of these. At 73 years old I recently became interested in lock picking and picked my first lock a month ago. I'm way behind and feel I have so much to learn in such a short time, but it is so much fun…when it opens.😃

  8. I thought I would be moaning and groaning all the way through but I actually learned some stuff. I think the annoyingly misused word "hack" put me off. "Hacking" is a computer related word

  9. You're the man! That kind of skill, technique and knowledge cannot be bought. Will try those as soon as possible. Just start picking 3 month ago and it's ADDICTIVE!!!

  10. Yes mate you missed some great stuff. Standard snapper,DT SWISS spoke snapper,angled dimple snapper,snap-city raker,flat- pointed rake snapper,dual snapper ,self tensioner,bogota snapper,tensioner-snapper.They do a lot of help on medium and some high security locks,easy to make ,just need some bicycle spokes and good hand with hammer with some filing…….

  11. Street sweeper bristles make good tention tools and picks. Metal brick strapping is great for all kinds of stuff, used bobby pin ground thin on the sidewalk for padlock shims, strips from 2 liter soda bottles for door latch bypasses.

  12. I just rediscovered a nail-polishing gadget that might be of use. It's a roughly 17.5 x 2 x 1.5 cm (7 x 0.8 x 0.6 inch sort of) spongy bar with abrasive areas around it. On the top and bottom there are some rough abrasive material and on the sides there are areas marked; Step 1 : Even out, Step 2 : Smooth, Step 3 : Buff, Step 4 : Shine. They actually work for polishing a hook or rake if you get a nick (burr or maybe a flash you didn't notice on a new pick) in them. The weight is negligible and perhaps something to carry in your EDC-kit. Nice to have if you find that a tool needs some polishing. I used these "bars" when building plastic models since they allowed me to sand and polish clear parts, like air-craft canopies with a molding-seam in the middle – didn't think about using them on metal until now. This is not a heavy duty tool, but it would work "in the wild" if you realize a hook has a burr or flash somewhere interfering with feedback.

  13. Some proper inspired creativity on show here. I particularly liked the idea of using headphone adapters as handles. Perhaps there's also a hack to turn a thick paperclip into a narrow probe to actuate detents. I'd imagine they could be mounted into a handle without too much difficulty.


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