[1147] Locksmith Says My Videos Are BS… Loses $75 (Maybe)





  1. This is gonna be weird but ive watched all these dudes videos through the timeline preview and for some reason im hearing your voice for the first time. I thought you were going to be European. Again idk why.

    Also things ive noticed you’re a very structured precise and clean. Very very clean individual. Might sound weird but even the way your clop your nails im assuming is a process in which you routinely do specifically that way. PS. I broke my tibia and the fibula and im extremely high on narcotics and im sorry if this is weird.

  2. I would imagine that young man is still trying to get back his $75.00 by the time I am writing this message or comment if he did in fact get the other locksmith to return his money then I would certainly like to know if that occured. I have personally been a lock-picker myself for around 35 years or so. I honestly would have had trouble getting that particular lock open and most likely preferred the grinding wheel myself , although if he really wanted me to I would probably have tried, but would have warned him in such a case I charge by the 1/4 hour $35 and would have asked him to agree or out comes the grinding wheel. Great video, great background story ..

  3. Including opening the package and grabbing the tools it took 1 minute 10 seconds. Which is a little more than half the time it took the guy to cut through the lock.

  4. Awesome! 👍❤️ I'm sixty, and I'm watching your site lately, wish I were younger now! Lol I'll have to start practicing! What are the best tools you got? Not just for beginners? Thanks! 😜


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